In the current struggle over COVID-19 vaccination, there are only two teams playing — and they aren’t what some people tell you they are.

Worried about your kids getting polio this summer after a trip to your local pool? Of course, you’re not. Folks in the United States in the 1950s, though, were terrified by that possibility[1]. You, of course, have the luxury of not giving polio a second thought, because the battle of people vs. the polio virus in this country was fought and won decades ago. The deciding factor in that conflict — the development of two different…

Trinity College library, Dublin, Ireland
Trinity College library, Dublin, Ireland

As a scientist, I’ve got a particular interest in the topic of research (after all, I spent several years of my life being trained in how to do it). And although the specifics of my training relate mainly to the biomedical sciences, the general approach that I was taught can actually be applied towards evaluating almost any objective (fact-based) statement or claim that you might come across.

So let’s say that you hear or read something that you’re not sure is accurate. And let’s also say that you recognize that the topic is outside of your specific area of expertise…

Rosalind Darwin

Rosalind Darwin is the pen name of a professor and scientist who has held positions ranging from visiting professor to dean. Her opinions are decidedly her own.

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